Everybody knows that relationship is the way in which two people, groups or countries behave towards each other or deal with each other. In this case, the ways behave between Muslim and non-Muslim. Of course they were connected each other if there any relationships.
If we talk happening the connection between Muslim and non-Muslim it caused by the social area that needs each other, and can’t to life individually. So, Muslim and non-Muslim is social creature not individual creature.
The important things are we can make the relationship as far as we not muddle the aqidah matter. It’s legitimate of course. If we muddle the aqidah matter it will happen many problem, of course about continuity the pure doctrine, its prove of the relations between Muslim and non-Muslim sometimes to force upon other them what the true in his or her mindset about the doctrine. And each side, they don’t want to yield it. Because the pure doctrine it’s absolute for the followers. Because of this case sometimes the conflict happen, even the war.
The keys are we must honor or respect each other; and also we can build a relationship as far as we not muddle the aqidah side, and the peace will keeping.


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