I.What’s system

I.What’s system? Like human (organic) nature; all of components as one wholistic
II.Characteristics of system: Holistic, old & new, adaptive, compatible
III.Functions of political system:
1. Articulation of interests
2. Agregation of interests
3. Political Communication
4. Political Socialization
5. Elites selection
6. Conflict detterence

IV.Components of Political System (See Mohtar Mas’oed, 1997, page. 30)
1. Infra-structures of Political System are determined by supra-structures
2. Supra-Structures
a. Demographics
– Racial
– Ethnic/ culture/ nation/ language
– Religion
– Education
– Density
– National/ international border
b. Geographics
– Center/core vs peripheral
– Mainland vs outers
c. Economics
– Rich vs poor
– Metro, Urban, Rural
– Globalized/ Internationalized vs locked/blockaded/ autharcy
d. Ideology
based on: a, b, c
e. Role of foreign powers


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